Frequently Asked Questions

Basements FAQs

Do I need permission?

Yes, absolutely, you need the following but we will take care of all this for you.

  • Planning: even if it is a permitted development certificate you still need to go through the process.
  • Building Control Approval: an engineering design with all structural calculations must be submitted to the local authority for their approval. They will ultimately issue a completion certificate signifying that your basement has been constructed in accordance with the approved drawings.
  • Party Wall Agreement: to protect you and your neighbours you both must enter into a Party Wall Agreement. They cannot refuse to comply as it is clearly stated in law that they cannot prevent you undertaking any approved works to your property that involves a party wall.

Is it financially worth it?

That depends where you are and how much your property is worth. If your home is worth more than £700 per square foot or £7000 per square metre then YES it is definitely worth it. If you don’t know the dimensions of your house, then get an estate agent to value it for you and remember to ask how much per square foot the property would be worth with a basement.

How much will it cost?

Each project is unique. The cost of the structure is likely to range between £250 - £350 per square foot. The cost of the internal finishing of the basement will depend on the specification but is likely to start at around £250 per square foot.

Will it destabilise my house or my neighbour’s house?

Quite the opposite, a basement adds longevity to your home. We remove the old foundations and construct new reinforced concrete walls with a new set of reinforced concrete foundations. The technique used to construct your basement is called underpinning and is used to repair subsidence in properties where the foundations have already failed. Remember we offer a 12-year company guarantee to cover all structural work.

How big or deep could I make it?

As big and deep as you like subject to planning permission. If you want high ceilings like you may have in the rest of the house, that should not be a problem.

Can I get natural light into the basement?

Yes, we can add as many light wells to the design as you want, depending on available space.

Will I need to move out while building takes place?

No, not even if you have a solid or concrete ground floor. We can tunnel under any floor type as long as we have enough space at the front for our conveyor.

Will it be dark, damp and dingy?

Absolutely not. Modern technology keeps your basement like any other part of the house. Ideal for that media room or home cinema, billiards table, pool, gym, sauna, or even simply extra space for utilities. You will barely know you are underground!

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