Services - Construction

Metbase will support your project from start to finish, working with top level professional partners and contractors to deliver the highest quality finish.


Stage 1Briefing

This is the conceptual stage where the client defines the brief, the feasibility of the project is assessed, designs are drawn up and planning permissions are submitted. This stage includes budget estimates and financing. Once all these initial steps are complete, the project manager will establish the contractor/vendor criteria.

Although we can provide these planning and preparation services, in most cases, Metbase will get involved in a project after this stage. Nevertheless, we enjoy many long-standing professional relationships and welcome any opportunity to work with a pre-existing team.


Stage 2Tendering
Site prep/management
Site inspections

This stage runs from the preparation of the building site to building completion. Each step of the construction phase (foundation, plumbing, framing, electrical etc.) is inspected by the appropriate inspectors as well as the project manager.

As the general contractor in most cases, Metbase will manage the site, liaise with the architect and engineers and organise the relevant sub-contractors according to the project plan and budget.

We are committed to communicating with all the project stakeholders in a constructive and transparent manner at all times and to applying our knowledge and experience to find cost-effective, compliant and creative solutions to every project.

Post Construction

Stage 3Final inspections
Handover and occupancy
After-care/operation services

The post-construction phase focuses on ensuring work is complete, providing the client with necessary documentation, and final cost reconciliation and payments.

Metbase will coordinate these close-out activities and depending on the nature of the project, can advise on ongoing maintenance needs.

The objective is to handover a project that is appropriately guaranteed, fully compliant, clean and ready for use.

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